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Fosfer fasteners lock global automakers' trust

Infrastructure projects and increased domestic demand are fuelling the growth of emerging economies, and Brazil is no exception. Rapid developments in the automotive industry pushed Brazil to become the fourth-largest car market in the world, attracting investments from Asian vehicle manufacturers, such as Chery, Geely and JAC.

Fosfer embraces these developments as the company provides superior coatings and surface treatments for fasteners used in the automotive and electronics industries.

"We know fasteners - from the raw material to the surface treatment," says Hilario Vassoler, owner and general director of Fosfer. "We invest in high technology to supply to the automotive industry."

Learning about fasteners from his father's manufacturing business, Vassoler, a metallurgical engineer, took ownership of the company in 1986 and changed the focus to surface treatment. Fosfer specialises in zinc nickel, electroplated zinc and zinc flakes - coatings used to protect fasteners in automotive parts from corrosion.

Fosfer coatings ensure components placed near vehicle engines, chassis or underside can withstand exposure to heat, sand, gravel or water elements.

"A part will not work without surface treatment. It's a precise and essential process," Vassoler says. "Manufacturers rely on us to provide toxic-free coatings that ensure vehicle safety and longevity."

Global vehicle manufacturers, such as Honda, Toyota and Yamaha, recommend Fosfer products in their assembly plants worldwide. Assured of the quality of Fosfer's products, suppliers seek the company's advice on suitable solutions for specific vehicles.

Using the company's product expertise, industry knowledge and expansive network, Fosfer is growing its market to help fastener suppliers and manufacturers from Asia and other parts of the world penetrate the Brazilian vehicle industry. It plans to set up a distribution facility that can double as a quality-control hub.

"I want to build a warehouse here, control the logistics, check the parts, apply treatments and supply just in time for companies," Vassoler says.


South Chinha Morning Post


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